Indemnity Form – required from our Botswanian partner to be signed by our clients

Safari tours bear dangers and risks in wildlife areas and game lodges arising from travelling in an open vehicle over uneven and rough terrain, unpredictable and dangerous animals, insects and reptiles and a risk of suffering bodily injury, illness, death and damages.

Central Khalahari Wild Tours shall ensure the safety of the CLIENT during the tour, but not limited to food handling and preparation, conducting of safari excursions (game drives, bushwalks, transfers, embarking and disembarking vehicles) and campsites. The same goes to the care of the environment by both Central Khalahari Wild Tours and the Client.

Central Khalahari Wild Tours staff is trained and experienced to conduct excursions with Clients in the game reserves, where potential danger is eminent due to the nature of wild animals

Central Kalahari Wild Tours has chosen its safari staff with utmost care regarding experience, and diligence, and ability to act in difficult situations.  Central Kalahari Wild Tours guaranties proper status and functioning of all equipment inclusive Safari vehicles/game viewer vehicles.

Central Kalahari Wild Tours Safari staff is trained to avoid accidents with wild animals as far as ever possible and the staff has keen knowledge on how to keep the tented camps safe.

Anyhow accidents with animals may occur even with best care. Central Kalahari Wild Tours is only liable if the staff has acted careless or even grossly negligent or if the technical equipment failed.

Central Kalahari Wild Tours has the duty and the right to change parts of the route of the safari due to security situations or according to weather / climatic conditions to safeguard the clients.

Central Kalahari Wild Tours will not be liable for any accident or health problems or damages caused by the clients in not following the instructions of the Safari staff.

In the event of injury, Central Khalahari Wild Tours may at its discretion and without prejudice or admission of liability arrange and pay for emergency medical treatment, for and on behalf of myself, my spouse, common-law wife/husband, children or dependants, whether minor or adult. I acknowledge that I will be directly responsible to reimburse Central Khalahari Wild Tours for these expenses.

All disputes and claims shall be governed ONLY by the law of Botswana and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Botswana. (for clients of FRB, only German law will be applicable).

Changes to this agreement shall only be valid if they are done in written form.